By; Jjunju Francis

20th May 2020

Ugandans are urged to remain vigilant and ensure personal safety from all possible ways of contracting not only Coronavirus but also from other illnesses.

Health experts says as the country relaxes the lock-down some people are bound to become complacent while others have always played politics over the deadly pandemic, saying it does not exist.

However, experts say if a person has just contracted the disease, he or she may test negative because of the incubation period until the jams have multiplied that makes it possible to be traced within the blood system.

Dr. Ronald Kasyaba from the Uganda Medical Bureau at the Uganda Catholic Secretariat says it is possible for one to test negative for a virus if it had just entered into his body but capable of transmitting it which is called “asymptomatic”. That is why Ugandans should not just mix with anyone any person they are not sure of.

He has reminded people that once you are told to return for review in the hospital it must be respected to ensure that doctors eliminate falsehood that may always be possible during the testing procedures.

Wednesday 20th May 2020 03:24:06 PM