By; Rachael Najjuma


23rd April 2019


The prosecution in a matter where the patron Boda boda 2010 Hajji Abdul Kittata is accused of unlawful possession of army items has urged the general court martial not to accept the final submissions from the defence team because it lacked quality right from the start.


Kittata along with nine others suspects are accused of unlawful possession of items that are a monopoly of the army


The state prosecutor Lieutenant colonel Raphael Mugisha revealed that during the cross examination, the defense witness Nixon Agasiirwe couldn’t even say his birthday saying that he was born in both 1971 and 1972 and such a person cannot be trusted with the evidence.


Raphael further prayed to court to test the credibility of Agasiirwe who claims joined police in 2009 and in 2010 was a police director something that cannot be achieved that easily and fast.


Furthermore according to the prosecution Kittata who is neither a police personnel nor a military officer was found with 2 military uniforms, a pistol with four rounds of ammunition, 2 pangas, a pair of UPDF uniforms, 7 military caps, 1 metal which removes motorcycle number plates, 1 iron bars, 24 number plates in his car and thus can’t be regarded innocent at all neither are the nine others.


This prompted the defense lawyer Shaban Sanywa to seek for an adjournment claiming that he was served this morning thus he couldn’t make a rejoinder on the submissions .


Chairman Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti agreed and adjourned the mater to April 29th


Tuesday 23rd April 2019 06:29:05 PM