By Our Reporter

21st Sept 2023

The Police Acting Commissioner for Electronic Counter Measures, SSP Jimmy Haguma, has cautioned police officers against falling into tricks of cyber criminals. 

Haguma, who was today equipping police officers with cyber skills at the Police headquarters, said police officers need to have more than basic cyber knowledge so that they can be in position to fight the computer-generated crimes.

He said when police officers equip themselves with cyber knowledge; it helps them to safeguard both personal and institutional data. “Having cyber knowledge plays a critical role in implementing measures that fortify and improve cyber security.

If any one of us falls victim to cyber threats, the entire institution is equally exposed to that risk,” says SSP Haguma.

SSP Haguma’s unit of electronic counter measures falls under the Directorate of Information Communication Technology (ICT) currently headed by Senior Commissioner of Police – SCP Yusuf Ssewanyana.

Police officers equipped with cyber skills were drawn from the Directorate of Counter-Terrorism (CT) headed by Assistant Inspector General of Police –AIGP Abbas Byakagaba and Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headed by Maj. Tom Magambo.

During the training, officers were equipped with strategies to shield themselves from digital compromise, cyber offenses, and social engineering tactics.

They also received guidance on ethical practices, netiquettes, and managing their electronic devices effectively, which includes scheduling breaks, considering noise-canceling devices, and rewarding themselves for task-focused work.


Thursday 21st September 2023 09:37:31 PM