By Ben Musanje

13th Sept 2021


The Ministry of Internal has cautioned people still possessing old passports with six months life span and below to replace them with the East African e-Passport before they get denied travel visas and air tickets.


It should be noted that the validation of all Uganda Machine Readable Passports will expire for International travel after April 4, 2022 and are to be replaced by the International East African e-passports.


Jacob Siminyu, the Ministry of internal Affairs Spokesperson says that the deadline for using those passports has only left with six months and this implies that very soon they will nolonger be accepted and advised them to replace them earlier before the deadline day.


In a related development Jacob Siminyu also appealed to those that apply for passports to avoid storming their immigration office immediately after applying because they should always keep their appointments


Tuesday 14th September 2021 06:37:09 AM