By; Ben Musanje

12th Oct. 2021

Parliament has been advised to pass the Organ Transplant Bill to solve problems of treatment of complicated diseases in the country.


Dr. Patrick Luwaga the Deputy Medical Director Mengo hospital in a press conference a head of the forthcoming Annual World Sight Day slated 14th / October/2021 at the Eye Clinic premises under the theme: Love Your Eye, Luwaga said that absence of organ transplant law in Uganda has caused more deaths because nobody can offer an organ to someone in need saying in the developed world, people who consider organ donation have lawyers who guide them through the process.


Luwaga adds  that for the case of Eyes getting a replacement for a damaged organ can save the life of a sick person or improve it considerably and  in Uganda, the need for organ replacement is urgent with up to 10,000 patients, especially teenagers, requiring cornea replacement per year and if not that, importing a cornea from USA someone has to part with about Shs15 million which some of money of money would far less had the country had a law in place for those who can donate such tissues before they die.


He has disclosed that there is need to increase access to information about organ donation because some people may fail to donate because of misinformation about issues like post donation care.


Meanwhile in efforts to decrease on Eye related diseases in Uganda on world sight day come 14th/October/2021 Mengo hospital will give Free Eye screening to 300 diabetic patients.


Wednesday 13th October 2021 06:25:25 AM