By; Jjunju Francis

17th June 2021

The Cost of Oxygen in the Country especially for Covid-19 patients under Intensive Care Unit has become unaffordable due to the high prices.

The surge in the number of Covid-19 cases at critical stage has worsened the situation where each patient admitted at ICU is aid to be using not less than three 40L cylinder per day to support his life.

Most hospitals are running out of oxygen causing skyrocketing of the prices while other scrupulous members of the public are treating it as a deal for money charging exorbitantly making it very difficult for an ordinary Ugandans to afford ICU treatment for a Covid patient.

Some hospitals in Kampala are charging a Million shilling per day for a Covid patient on oxygen other have put it higher demanding for a commitment fee ranging between 5 to 10 million Shs not including drugs and oxygen for the period a patient will spend in the hospital.

Radio Sapientia has talked to Dr. Crescent Tumuhaise the Medical Director of Nkozi Hospital over the whole situation.

Thursday 17th June 2021 05:04:24 PM