By Olivia Nabaggala

9th Sept 2021

A team from National Water and Sewerage Cooperation- NSWC has sought expertise from the Uganda Industrial Research Institute- UIRI officials in Namanve, Mukono district to start producing parts for the new prepaid water meters which will soon be rolling out the Service Coverage Acceleration Project- SCAP.

A prepaid meter will dispense water once an electronic key is inserted and will be managed and read remotely.

Having a prepaid water meter will mean that the consumer purchases water credit in the form of a prepaid water token just like it is done for electricity.

In 2013, NWSC embarked on installation of prepaid water meters to enable people residing in city slums to access clean and affordable water. However, the project was stopped as there were complications with the system’s batteries in 2016 which could not be sourced.

While showcasing the meter to the UIRI officials, Gilbert Muhwezi the NWSC engineer in charge of the project says that this partnership will help reduce on the costs of involving third parties and as well as depending on them once something gets wrong with the imported parts of the meter.

Aiming at removing the people reading the meters on behalf of the cooperation, the Managing Director NWSC Silver Mugisha explains that with this meter, consumers can track their water usage, load credit remotely, and will decrease the possibility of outrageous billing due to leaks or incorrect monitoring.

Thursday 9th September 2021 08:46:26 PM