By; Ben Musanje

13th May 2021


The Muslim Saraf-Tabliq Community have laid out things that they need the government to work upon in order to strengthen a good relationship.


During an Eid-al- Fitr prayer at Nakivubo Blue Primary School play ground in Kampala, Sheikh Ayub Nyende the Secretary General of the Tabliq Muslim Sect read the statement for Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga the sect leader (Amir Umah), asking government to ensure that corruption is curbed.


He further demands government to open the controversial mosque at William Street known as Masjid Noor that was closed years back over land wrangles, for it to resume operations.


Kamoga’s statement further expresses worry over the continued attacks and killings of Moslems in several countries like Palestine, India and Nigeria among bothers.


However, the Amir Umah of Tabliq Community Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga in his voice urged Moslems to stay strong especially in the times of challenges.


Thursday 13th May 2021 03:09:14 PM