By Francis Lubega

16th March 2023


Bukoto South Member of Parliament Twaha Kagabo from the Opposition National Unity Platform-NUP has surprisingly defied the directive from the opposition leadership in Parliament to boycott today’s special parliamentary sitting.

Parliament today 16th March 2023, convened at Kololo under rule 17(1) of the Rules of Procedures of Parliament and President Yoweri Museveni addressed Parliament under Article 101(2) of the constitution with consultation from the Speaker of Parliament.

Opposition in Parliament announced not to attend the special parliament sitting due to continuous abuse and violation of human rights that include among others detaining innocent political prisoners since 2021 general elections both in gazetted and non-gazetted places.


However Kagabo who was spotted dressed in a blue suit with a red tie seated near the Vice President Jessica Alupo and Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.


Speaking to him at the function, Kagabo has informed that public that this is a normal parliamentary sitting which he has to attend as a Member of Parliament and represent his constituency and people who entrusted him with their votes who are not only from the NUP.


He says fellow opposition members boycotted this sitting with their own reasons which is none of his business saying he is exercising his rights as a legislator.


Thursday 16th March 2023 08:23:51 PM