By Gloria Abwoch

27th July 2021

The Ministry of Health has cautioned Ugandans to stay calm as the 42 day national lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 comes to an end on Friday July 30th 2021.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the health minister while updating the country said that Ugandans should wait for the next presidential address on Saturday July 31st 2021 to know what will be the next step after the lockdown.

She also warned that the third Covid-19 wave will be inevitable if people do not adhere to the standard operating procedures which include; washing hands, sanitizing, masking up and avoiding crowds among others.

The minister also revealed Government’s plans to procure enough vaccines for all Ugandans eligible to ensure that the country can be opened up for people to return to their normal routines.

Tuesday 27th July 2021 08:56:09 PM