By Charles Katabalwa

13th May 2022

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has trashed the ongoing process by the Government of registering bodaboda riders in the city and ensuring each has a specific stage where they operate from and failure to adhere to this, they face eviction.


Lukwago says it’s good to register bodaboda riders and put the industry in order but the process is not known to the City leaders leaving many questions from those affected, which they can’t answer to their satisfaction.


Lukwago adds that the process is not conducted under the law and riders are being charged exorbitant fees.


He has urged the Government to cancel the process for now to involve all leaders in Kampala to plan for a better process such that every stakeholder is involved.


Resident City Commissioners in Kampala recently decided that they will not wait for KCCA to draft an Ordinance to regulate the Bodaboda industry to kick-start the registration of riders and say that they agreed with the National Security Council to start the registration of bodaboda riders pending the introduction of the KCCA Public Transport Ordinance.


Friday 13th May 2022 07:18:49 PM