By Francis Lubega

11th April 2019


The recently recruited and deployed Local Defense Unit (LDUs) officers stand a risk of not receiving salary starting next financial year.


This followed a statement by the State Minister for Defense, Charles Engola Okello informing the Parliamentary Defense Committee that over 80bnshs has been left unfunded in the coming financial year.


This shocked committee members leaving the worried on whether the pledge to strengthen security will be achieved.


Last year, President Yoweri Museveni had issued a directive to recruit LDUs as away to cab insecurity after massive killings in Kampala, Wakiso and other areas.


Meanwhile, the defense budget has increased from 1.4 trillion to 3.4 trillion shillings as a result of increase in classified expenditures.


However, this has caused a rough exchange between MP Muwanga Kivumbi and Ministry officials asking for the justification of increment.


Friday 12th April 2019 06:16:55 AM