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It’s alleged that ministry of internal affairs through the directorate of citizenship and immigration control yesterday revealed that Judith Nakintu traveled to work abroad without her right kidney and it’s against this that the ministry revealed that within two weeks from now government will come up with a policy requiring all migrant workers to undergo organ examination before flying out of the country.


The ministry says that this is intended to reduce incidents of people going for external labour but only return when their organs are missing.


However reports indicate that Judith Nakintu right kidney was removed illegally from Saudi Arabia and was brought back in a bad state and  the report that accompanied her showed that she was involved in a road accident but Mulago hospital doctors confirmed that her right kidney was missing even before she left the country and she had never been involved in any road crash.


Now Kayonde Abdallah the president of immigrant workers voice doubling as the lawyer of Nakintu wondered why the ministry is coming to conclusions without thorough investigations thus advising the ministry to come up with the insurance cover that will cater for all migrant workers.


Wednesday 22nd June 2022 06:18:45 AM