By Charles Katabalwa

9th July 2024


The Mayor of Kawempe Division, Emmanuel Sserunjogi is gratified with the ongoing changes in Kampala where Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has opted to remove roundabouts from different sections of the main roads within Kampala, to reduce traffic congestion.


Some of roundabouts removed within Kawempe Division include Mulago round about AND Kubiri round about.


While speaking to media after monitoring the Road construction works in Kawempe Division, Sserunjogi praised KCCA for taking the initiative to address the long-standing issue of traffic congestion around the roundabouts that will greatly improve the traffic flow in the city.


Sserunjogi also highlighted the need for a more comprehensive solution to address the persistent traffic jam problem in Kampala such as introduction of bus and train transport systems to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road.


Sserunjogi revealed that despite the ongoing construction works they are going to make a report on some construction work such as the narrow drainage channels which will cause floods in the city.



Tuesday 9th July 2024 06:11:35 PM