By; Our reporter

28th November 2019

Justice Dr Esther Mayambala Kisakye has faulted the Directorate of Public Prosecution for having delayed Justice in the case in which Masaka Businessman Godfrey Kato Kajubi is challenging his sentence of life imprisonment.

The sentence was given to him in 2012 for murdering a 12-year-old pupil, Joseph Kasirye of Kayugi Primary School.

Today, Justice Kisakye expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the Office of DPP conducts its duties after the Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, David Ndamurana Ateenyi said that he was not ready to proceed with the prosecution of the appeal.

Ndamurana who is in charge of appeals Department in DPP’s Office told Supreme Court that he had not looked at the details pertaining Kajubi’s appeal because he had allocated the file to his colleague, Simon Peter Semalemba who is in charge of Mbale Regional Office.

However, this didn’t go down well with Justice Kisakye who accused him of delaying Justice in the appeal which was lodged before Supreme Court in 2014.

“This appeal was made in 2014, and you said you are in charge of appeals department in DPP’s Office. Were you aware of the appeals coming up this morning? You should have organised yourself earlier, you need to change the way you are doing your internal business. These are issues affecting delivery of justice” , said Kisakye.

Kajubi was convicted in July 2012 by the then Masaka High Court Judge Mike Chibita after being found guilty of murdering a 12 year old school pupil , Joseph Kasirye of Kayugi Primary School. This was on October 28th, 2008.

Prosecution adduced evidence that Kajubi cut off Kasirye’s head and genitals and disappeared with them to be used in his real estate businesses in Kampala, Jinja and Masaka districts.

However, Kajubi challenged the conviction and sentence in the Court of Appeal, a decision which was upheld.

Justice Chibita is also faulted for his failure to consider the charge and caution statement made at police by Kateregga when he reportedly admitted having slaughtered the boy.

Kajubi has now been sent back to prison until December, 17th, 2019 when the court will start hearing his appeal. The panel to hear it is yet to be constituted.

Thursday 28th November 2019 09:01:10 PM