By; Charles Katabalwa

20th Nov. 2020


Six presidential candidates, Mugisha Muntu, Henry Tumukunde, Norbert Mao, Fred Mwesigye, Willy Mayambala and John Katumba have already suspended their campaigns to show solidarity to the NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi who is still in the police cells.


They contend that it’s improper to continue with campaigns that are supposed to be democratic but when the true principles of democracy are not respected by the NRM government.


The NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni is finalizing his campaigns in Karamoja sub region while the FDC candidate Patrick Amuria Oboi is holding meetings in Ajumani, Moyo, Koboko, Arua and Zombo.


Independent Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta has said that suspending his campaigns as a form of protest against the mistreatment of opposition candidates is pointless.


The candidates asked the EC to intervene and ensure that candidates have a levelled field or simply call off the elections.


However, Kabuleta asserts that President Museveni will not be moved by the suspension of individual campaigns because he is beyond any shame or embarrassment.

He has hinted that his colleagues Mugisha Muntu, Henry Tumukunde and other candidates were misled if they entered the race expecting fair play.

Kabuleta notes that by suspending their campaigns over the various injustices and unlevelled ground they are serving the interests of the incumbent.


Friday 20th November 2020 04:09:05 PM