By; Ben Musanje

President Yoweri Museveni has listed about 15 irrigation projects government is yet to launch across the country this financial year to improve on the commercial agro production.

Jotting from over 10 page speech at the 56th Independence Day celebrations in Kyotera district this evening, Museveni said the projects will enhance the country’s efforts in agriculture.

Noting form the statistical side for the last financial year, the country had estimated that the economy to grow at 5 % but given improvements in the economy the growth shot to 6.1% but agriculture the backbone remained low especially in rural where commercial agriculture is not yet embraced yet it’s the way to go.

Among the irrigation projects include, Doho Phase II in Butaleja, Mubuku Phase II in Kasese, Nyenge in Kween, Kawumu in Luwero and Nabigaga in Kamuri districts but they are finalizing a fertilizer factory in Tororo under the auspice of the Chinese partners that will be supplement with Nitrogen from Lake Albert and Phosphate from lake Katwe to form NPK needed to improve on soil fertility.

President Museveni delayed the independence day celebrations to first commission the National Command and Control Center-of the CCTV at Natete newly constructed Police Station where he was able capture live scenes from 122 CCTVs serving in areas of Lungujja, Old Kampala, Rubaga, Kasubi, Kawaala, Kabowa, Natete, Mutundwe and the surrounding areas

He said this part of the 8 strategies he laid to help improve on security especially in urban areas where the killers he termed as lice were hiding

Museveni says detractors of the NRM government now have fear because Uganda is growing from strength to strength with the improvement on public infrastructure promising to work on the main road through Kyotera to Mutukula boarder.

Wednesday 10th October 2018 06:27:48 AM