By; Charles Katabalwa

As Uganda prepares to join the rest of the world to commemorate the World Day for Safety and Health at work, this April 28, government has threatened to close all industries and institutions engaged in child labour.

In 2013 Uganda Bureau of Statistics report indicated that two million out of 18 million children in Uganda were victims of child labour which points to a 300,000 increase in the number of victims of child labour up from the 1.7 million.

The State Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Peace Mutuuzo while in a press conference in Kampala said that children should be protected from economic exploitation and never to be taken to hazardous activities.

Mutuuzo says although the country is undergoing economic hardship parents need to be cautious on child protection citing Tea estates and mining places as the areas where child labour is eminent.

Friday 27th April 2018 06:35:33 AM