By Rachael Najjuma

18th June 2021


A relative of nine family members who were arrested two months ago and their father shot dead and body taken away by security has petitioned the High Court in Kampala, seeking the release of the dead body and the nine living persons.

The nine are;  Simple Apio, Jacinto Ongwec, Peter Ogwang, Joseph Arach, Florence Akello, Innocent New, Lilly Opio, Silva Oyuk and Day Ajok, while the dead body is of Ramizo Okello.


According to the family relative Patrick Obong who is a cousin to the mentioned applicants and has sworn an affidavit on their behalf, the group was arrested on April 24th 2021 from their home located in Wigweng Village, Awio Parish Iceme Sub County in Oyam District.

The evidence before court shows that the applicants were all arrested by security operatives including soldiers from Uganda People’s Defense Forces and police from Lira Garrison; Oyam Central Police Station and Iceme Police Station.

During the arrest, a one Ramizo Okello who was the family head was shot dead instantly and his body was carried away by the security operatives and to date, the body has never been returned to the relatives for a decent or cultured burial.


The whereabouts of the rest of the people who were arrested, to date also they remain unknown to the relatives.

It is alleged that trouble for the family stems from a land wrangle involving the family of a one Morrish Oruk wwith whom they have been clashing over land for long. It is also alleged that the killers of the deceased went away with 30 heads of cattle, 15 goats, a motorcycle, six hybrid pigs before burning his house to ashes.

On May 6th 2021, the Civil Division Judge Boniface Wamala ordered the Attorney General, the Chief of Defense Forces and the Inspector General of Police who are listed as the respondents in this matter to immediately release the family members and the body of Okello to his relatives for a decent burial which has never been done.


Friday 18th June 2021 07:18:41 PM