By; Our Reporter

A team of experts from the Uganda Red Cross and health sector, political leaders and volunteers have launched a Social mobilization in areas neighboring the Democratic Republic of Congo, following another outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in North Kivu Province.

The effort comes amid fears that the outbreak in North Kivu has the potential to transmit more rapidly given its location and the great deal of frequent cross-border movement involving traders and communities from Kivu to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.

The DRC Ministry of Health has so far reported 33 deaths related to the current outbreak and has also registered almost 900 people who may have come into contact with infected persons and its feared the outbreak might be very complex according to the World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr Salama from WHO says the longstanding conflict in Eastern DRC – might cause spread of the disease hence a need to address it as urgently as possible.

The World Health Organisation has released USD 2 million from its contingency fund for emergencies to help fund DRC’s response to the newest outbreak in the five confined health zones of- Mabalako, Beni, Oicha, Musienene, Butembo – and the Mandima health zone in Ituri province.

Wednesday 8th August 2018 06:13:24 AM