By; Gideon Peter Ssebulime

05th December 2019

Experts in electoral exercise from Africa have advised the Uganda Electoral Commission to adopt new technologies such as artificial intelligence, to manage elections efficiently.

One of the key speakers while closing the two day symposium on the strengthening of the electoral process in Uganda come 2021 Brian Kagoro, a lawyer based in South Africa said new technologies provide fast and clear processes for managing systems for instance elections where each voter’s particulars are captured and uploaded in the system to ensure that only eligible voters cast their votes in a timely manner that ensures confidence and a democratic election.

Kagoro, who is the founder and Executive Director of UHAl Africa Group ,Johannesburg, SA, said that African politicians refuse to dialogue on the best measures to resolve political disputes which has failed the continent to have peaceful elections.

Meanwhile, Matlosa Khabele , a representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which partly funded the Symposium, said that “Elections require integrity and trust by the public, and at the centre of this is the Electoral Management Bodies.

The symposium held at Common Wealth Resort Munyonyo also challenged African leaders , Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and all Ugandans to invest in research to come up with working solutions to issues affecting society.

Thursday 5th December 2019 07:32:35 PM