By; Jjunju Francis

14th Jan. 2020

Experts in early child learning have advised parents to plan for their children by having schools that will promote talents as early as possible.

Through the Cognitive theory, that calls on the teacher to use psychology to explain human behavior by understanding the thoughts and processes through which the child can gain knowledge, skills, experience and understanding new things helps to develop the mind leading to creativity and independence which is lacking in the current system of education.

According to the director of Padre Pio Child Center and Pre- School in Bunamwaya Ngobe in Makindye Ssabagabo Wakiso district, Mrs Winnie Ssemwanga says changing the mindset of the youth and graduates most times is difficult but child formation, inculcating of a sense of orderliness, responsibility, hardworking must start at a tender age which is Nursery.

They have put in places things like the swimming pool, musical instruments, a computer laboratory, a play area and a big room where trainers will always have time with children share and help them develop talents and skills.

Mrs Ssemwanga says another problem in Ugandan schools is overcrowding in classes which stresses the learning process of a child, for their case only 20 children should be in a class, Baby, Middle and Top nursery classes.

She advises Parents to be keen on the schools they take their children for studies because a child who is failure in life is a source of all problems and a pain to the parents.

Tuesday 14th January 2020 03:01:12 PM