By; Rachael Najjuma

12th June 2020

The high court has awarded Dr Stella Nyanzi 120,000,000 million Uganda shillings in a matter where she dragged Makerere University to court for failure to reinstate her to her job.


Nyanzi was suspended from Makerere Institute for Social Research in 2016 after a series of social media outbursts attacking the Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni whom she referred to as ‘brainless’ and incompetent.


This prompted her to drag Makerere University to the civil Division of High Court in November 2018 accusing the University for failing to implement the orders of Makerere University Staff Appeals Tribunal which held that her suspension was illegal and thus ordered for her reinstatement and payment of all her two year emoluments.


This followed the October, 2nd, 2018, orders made by the Staff Appeals Tribunal led by George Omunyokol saying that Nyanzi should be given all her emoluments within 30 days from the date of judgment which wasn’t done and also reinstatement to her job plus a promotion from being a researcher to a senior researcher.


However according to Lady justice Lydia Mugambe the respondents were in contempt of the tribunal when they failed to honour its decision thus ruled that Nyanzi be compensated with the above amount and further that any timelines set in the Tribunal decision that have since lapsed should be treated to take effect from the date of this decision.


Furthermore an Interest of 10% p.a on the award from the date of this ruling till payment in full has been granted plus award of costs of this application.


Friday 12th June 2020 02:16:55 PM