By; Charles Katabalwa

22nd October 2019

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has called upon The Electoral Commission (EC) to hold the recently announced verification of the national voters’ register ahead of the 2021 General Election in a transparent manner.

The president of SDP Mike Mabike and member of DP Block told the media today at DP’s headquarters that the Exercise is being conducted under the supervision of Local council chairpersons whom he says are partisan all of them are NRM members.

Mabike adds that also the exercise has left out the students at school who are 18 years of age yet they are entitled to vote.

The verification exercise that commenced yesterday October 21 to 28th 2019  seeks to update the voter’s register ahead of the 2021 general elections.


Persons with Disabilities are skeptical that the ongoing National Voters’ Register verification exercise will be effective in compiling their record.


Luweero District PWD Councilor Herbert Ssekabira says that the Village Chairpersons do not have the capacity to identify all the 18 categories of PWDs listed by Electoral Commission like the epileptic persons.


But Paul Bukenya, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Electoral Commission says that the EC is implementing recommendations by PWDs leaders to use general village councils to identify them confirming that LC 1 Leaders and Parish supervisors were sensitized to identify the PWDs as listed in 18 categories.


Tuesday 22nd October 2019 09:38:46 PM