By; Olivia Nabaggala

18th October 2019

Police has today released 5 security guidelines thought to help in curbing crime in the country.


This follows President Museveni’s directive early this week towards police to lay strategies to deal with rampant criminal gangs especially in Kampala metropolitan area that is Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono where people have been kidnapped, killed, robbed and rapped.


In a press conference this afternoon in Kampala, the deputy inspector general of police Maj.Gen.Sabiiti Muzeeyi revealed; effective communication between police and the public, quick and effective response, profiling crime from repeat offenders, effective supervision and monitoring of CCTV cameras and effective investigation on crime related offences through intelligence as the strategies to start with in order to secure Kampala and its surroundings.


He says introduction of suggestion boxes at the local council level can also be an added advantage to get information from the grass root but Maj.Gen. Sabiiti insisted on vigilance by the public because security is a responsibility of each and every citizen as security agencies play their roles.


Maj. General Sabiiti was along with the commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen. Peter Elweru who revealed that Local Defence Unit – LDUs personnel have arrested more than 2,000 suspected criminals since their deployment in Kampala, six months ago but the challenge of insecurity will remain if courts continue releasing the suspects back to the communities.

However, Elweru says that the situation would probably be worse if no measures were taken earlier to deal with the cases of urban crime. Most of the suspected criminals were picked from the areas of Kisenyi, Arua Park, Katwe-Kinyoro, Kawempe-Tula, Nabweru, Kitintale, Mutungo and Kiwatule.

Saturday 19th October 2019 12:25:16 AM