By; Olivia Nabaggala

23rd Nov. 2020

The city hall court has issued criminal summons to compel presidential candidate Lt.Gen.Henry Tumukunde to appear in court after missing in court today.


According to defense lawyer Wameri Anthony, his client didn’t appear in court today because he is holding campaigns apparently in Kagadi but didn’t miss intentionally.


However state prosecutor Lillian Omara on praying for criminal summons told court that Tumukunde never said anything to court and decided to just leave thus criminal summons should be issued and besides three witnesses were already in court thus courts resources were being wasted which court concurred with.


Further state has also revealed to court that the committal papers are in a process to commit Tumukunde to highcourt on charges of Treason which are only triable in highcourt


In the same court proceeding defense has asked court to allow them to file an application of torture in highcourt so that the criminal charges of treason of their client can be dismissed on grounds of torture.


On this note, grade one magistrate Vallerian Tumuhimbise has set the 21st December 2020 to make the ruling on that


Prosecution alleges on  that on the 13th/03/2020 at Impala Avenue kololo Kampala district  Tumukunde had in his possession a modified Ak47 rifle no 19865-1Bu3618 without holding a valid fire arm certificate,a star pistol no EL-860030 without holding a valid fire arm certificate and fire ammunitions without a valid certificate for them.


It further alleges that Tumukunde during March 5th 2020 at NBS TV Kamokya in Kampala District during the Morning Breeze Program made statements calling for unlawful change of the legitimate Government of Uganda.


Monday 23rd November 2020 01:03:33 PM