By Charles Katabalwa

20th June 2024

Caritas Uganda, social development arm of the Catholic Church has urged lawmakers to prioritize strengthening policies safeguarding Ugandans on food consumed. 

This has been revealed by Rev. Fr. Hilary Muheezangango, the National Director of Caritas Uganda while Speaking at a half day National Food Safety Dialogue organized by Caritas Uganda and the Uganda Farmers Common Voice Platform (UFCVP) under the theme;“Preparing for the unexpected”.

The dialogue aims at educating stakeholders on food systems, food safety standards and policy and regulatory frameworks in Uganda.

Fr. Muheezangango emphasized the importance of ensuring that food produced and sold in the country meets acceptable standards to avoid problems such as cancer.

He now recommends that Members of Parliament should strengthen food safety laws and ensure their implementation, including regular testing and inspection of food products.

He highlighted the alarming rates of food borne illnesses and deaths in Uganda, attributing them to the lack of effective regulations and enforcement.

He has disclosed that in effort to address food safety, Caritas Uganda has embarked on construction of training schools in different parts of the country such as; Nakaseke, Yumbe and Gulu districts to help in educating people the need for food safety and over 300 people have benefited.


Thursday 20th June 2024 06:18:14 PM