By; Oliva Nabaggala

15th Sept. 2020

In the efforts to support education for the children who are still at home due to Covid-19, Buganda kingdom has today released over 5000 revising booklets to help children study while at home.

While releasing this booklet the minister for education in Buganda kingdom Owek.Prosperous Nankindu noted that this booklet has been released by the Buganda examination council and it contains questions and answers to help students remind themselves, practice and assess themselves while at home .

She says the long stay at home has affected children in terms of their studies many have lost it all in as far as studies are concerned, they have forgotten their studies, others are taken up by the jobs to earn a living while others have even got pregnant because of failure for self control and parental guidance among other problems.

Min.Nankindu urged politicians who are contesting for various positions ahead of the general elections  to support education by buying books for children in their villages .

The first batch of booklets is for children of P5,P6 and P7 and booklet costs 15,000/= while booklets for S4,S5 and S6 will be released in a month from now.

Tuesday 15th September 2020 02:48:00 PM