By; Charles Katabalwa

30th July 2020


Government has set November 1st, 2020 for Boda Bodas to stop accessing the city centre.


The Minister for Kampala Capital City Hon. Betty Amongi in a press conference at the Uganda media centre noted that KCCA is procuring Boda Boda Stage signs that will be used to mark Boda Boda Free Zones.


Amongo says KCCA and transport ministry will use the 90 days period to erect signage, demarcate the stages in all divisions, engage Boda leaders to standardize fees chargeable at each stage, and sensitize boda boda riders on the registration process.


She has disclosed that the government is also working with the ICT ministry to develop a Boda App called Travel App, which will be used for the registration process and the already existing digital transporters like Uber, SafeBoda and Taxify will share registration information with the government.


Meanwhile, the minister has urged Boda riders to observe SOPs.


The pronouncement is backed by the government plan of introducing bases that will operate within the central districts of Kampala and once implemented, accessibility of private cars in the city centre will also be required to pay a charge aimed at restricting use of private vehicles that congest the city.


Thursday 30th July 2020 03:10:30 PM