By; Gideon Peter Ssebulime

30th July 2020


The workers Members of Parliament have advised creative, performing artistes and allied workers to petition parliament on the proposed government regulations on the industry.


The state play and public entertainment rules 2019, the Uganda Communications (film, Documentaries and commercial still photography) regulations 2019 with several others drawn from the stage play and public entertainment Act cap 49 and the Uganda communications Act 2013 have caused uproar within the Artistes industry.


The regulations require these people to first submit their composed songs, poems, films among others to regulatory bodies for verification and approval before releasing/playing them officially to the public.


Now Hon. Margret Rwabasaijja Namubiru, and Charles Bakabulindi say

the regulations need to be reviewed before they are implemented because they are likely to destroy the creative and music industry yet it is of the great sources of revenue and development in the country.


Margret Rwabusaijja says if the artistes run to court instead of parliament, they will have tied their hands and MPs will have no option to defend them.


Meanwhile Anita Sseruwagi, general secretary National Union of creative, performing artistes and allied workers says what annoys them is the lack of consultation of stakeholders by UCC and their colleagues as if they own the talent.


This comes after the comedy group called Bizonto comedy group and an artiste Gerald Kiwewa, have just left police cells where they spent four days having been arrested for their products said to be insinuating tribal differences.


Thursday 30th July 2020 03:14:03 PM