By Charles Katabalwa

17th Sept 2021


Government plans to register all properties of public servants as a way of fighting corruption amongst public workers.


According to the Leadership Code Act, 2002, leaders have to declare all their income, assets and liabilities before the Inspectorate of Government.


Hon. Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga, the Minister of State for National Guidance told the media this Friday at Hotel African during the one day training of journalists on the right to know in commemoration of the International day of Universal Access to information 2021, organized by Twaweza, that this information will only be consumed by government if needed for example when a public servant engage in any corruption scandal it will be easier to get the truth and it will be confidential.


Kabyanga adds that they are going to work with National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to capture this information and put it into one archive for easy access.


He has disclosed that it has been difficult to know all properties owned by public servants who have fuelled corruption in Uganda so with the approval of this plan it will save a lot of tax payers money wasted into corrupt public servants.


Saturday 18th September 2021 07:25:57 AM