By;Jjunju Francis

15th March 2020

The World has been challenged to seek for discernment at the time when everyone is in panic for the COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

Discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to take the right judgment it could be psychological, moral or aesthetic in nature and it involves going past the mere perception of someone’s mind.

The message was conveyed by the ordinary of Masaka diocese Rt. Rev. Bishop Serverus Jjumba during mass at St. Jude Parish Wakiso in Wakiso district Kampala Archdiocese where he has paid a special visit and said right judgment will help one have a sense of fear over certain things that threaten life in the current world like the world stands today over the outbreak of COVID-19 saying science should not deceive people that it is a solution to everything.

The disease that has been marked as a pandemic by the world health organization and the global death toll has reached almost 5,000, while the number of infection cases has surpassed 132,000.

Bishop Jjumba has challenged the youth protect their church and to all to renew their faith starting with the sacrament of Baptism that reminds all of their faith, hope and love that strengthen the life of Christian.

He baptized at least 190 children and 9 members who have marked 50 years in marriage and above as well as those who have offered distinguished services to the parish like offering land for the church have been blessed and recognized in a special way.

The Bishop has also been given support in kind with 6.4 million shs for the successful preparation of this year’s third June Namugongo that is going to be animated by Masaka diocese.

The diocese budgeted UGX 950 million for the June 3rd 2020 at the Catholic Shrine Namugongo and all the parishes from Masaka diocese were told to pay UGX 250 million which they have completed, president Museveni promised UGX 400 million shs and now Bishop Jjumba is moving to parishes, friends and well-wishers from whom he wants to raise the remaining sum of money.

He hailed Fr. Ronnie Mubiru the Parish Priest of St.Jude Parish Wakiso for the vibrant church and the support extended to him.

Monday 16th March 2020 06:10:56 AM