By; Jjunju Francis

Pope Francis has announced a Global week of Share the Journey Campaign which calls for generously support and donations for the wellbeing of the refugees.

The comes at the influx of refugees especially in European countries in search for safety and better livelihood however the journey to the anticipated promised land has come with serious challenges where many have died on the seas, others are kidnapped while others are sold into slavery.

Uganda is a host to close to 1.2 million refugees with the biggest refuge settlement camp in Bidibidi which is a home to over 280,000 refugees mainly from South Sudan.

Caritas Uganda together with Caritas Denmark and Caritas Norway have adhered to the Pope’s call and left to participated together with refugees in Bidibidi camp on June 20th although the National celebrations for the refugee day that will be marked on 26th this month as explained by Christine Lola Okelo Humanitarian Emergency Coordinator Caritas Uganda.

Okelo says the three bodies are running a 4.5 billion shs comprehensive refugee response framework pillar for the period 2016/18 in which they provide basic services in form of; distribution of first growing seeds, vocational skills training and provision of sanitary, mosquito nets and materials to build settlements. Refugees receive 70% of the contribution and 30% to the host communities.

Tuesday 19th June 2018 01:39:33 PM