By Gideon Peter Ssebulime

11th June 2024


The Bishop of Masaka Diocese Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba has implored religious leaders to emulate the life of the Ugandan Martyrs especially Charles Kaloli Lwanga.


Joined by Rt. Rev. Methodius Paul Kilaini, the Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Bukoba diocese in Tanzania at the celebration of the Family Day on 10th June 2024 at St Charles Lwanga Banakaloli Brothers Institute at Kiteredde Masaka, Bishop Jjumba said the Ugandan Martyrs lives a selfless life, ordinary like any other Ugandan well known in our culture, clan and values.


He said there should be no room to compromise oneself for failure to understand the life of the Ugandan Martyrs who have a beacon of our Catholic Faith not only in Uganda but in the whole world.


Bishop Jjumba urged the young religious brothers of this institute to remain stead first in their calling praying through the intercession of the Ugandan martyrs to live an exemplary life.


At the same function Bishop Jjumba inaugurated the Shrine of St. Charles Lwanga, Kiteredde and later on blessed several statues, including that of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Bishop Henry Stenseera, St. Joseph and the Blessed Mary, a magnificent crucifix, which caught the Bishop’s attention most.


The Mass was animated by the choir from Busoga, St. Gonzaga Budini, a Secondary School that is managed by the Banakaloli Brothers.


In his speech Bishop Methodius Kilaini congregated the Banakaloli Brothers for the achievements, emphasizing the strong collaboration between Masaka and Bukoba Diocese, noting that many priests from Bukoba studied at Katigondo Major Seminary in Masaka, hence making a great contribution to their formation and evangelization of the people.


He invited the faithful for the pilgrimage to Bukoba on June 22nd 2024, at the Shrine of St. Yoanna Maria Muzeeyi, a Ugandan Martyr from Tanzania.


The Superior General of the Banakaloli Brothers, Bro. Hilary Kazoora, emphasized the importance of building strong families to provide the Bannakaloli Brothers with men of virtue.


Later in the evening the two Bishops launched the Stenseera Cup.


Tuesday 11th June 2024 06:33:28 PM