By; Patrick Kiwalabye

01st January 2021

Today leaves only 13 days to the general elections slated for 14th this month for the president and parliamentary members.

Religious leaders have started the year with a message of peace among Ugandans as they prepare for the polls.

The ordinary of Lugazio diocese Rt. Rev. Bishop Christopher Kakooza has rallied Ugandans in their different capacities to be agents of peace because electing leaders is not a do or die but a process that would generate joy since leaders are from the people and taken back to them for service.

In his new year’s mass at Lugazi cathedral this morning Bishop Kakooza said security personnel have to respect Ugandans but as well supporters of different candidates for the political offices must exercise their freedom with responsibility.

He has prayed for the country, those who have lost their beloved ones in the year ended 2020, either due to Coronavirus and its effects or election campaigns and reminded Ugandans to always seek God because this country was dedicate to Mother Mary.

Friday 1st January 2021 04:38:23 PM