By; Jjunju Francis

14th April 2019

Hundreds of Christians have flocked churches to mark Palm Sunday that is commemorated in remembrance of the triumphant entry  into Jerusalem by Jesus who was taken to be a king of the earthly kingdom yet he was starting the last days of his suffering.

This is also the Caritas Sunday on which every person is called to give his offering or collection for those in need; during this lent period.

At. St. Kizito Bwayise Parish Msgr. John Baptist Ssebayiga said this Sunday must give people a new feeling of the suffering of Jesus who was betrayed by one his own disciples which is that same in the daily human life.

Msgr. Ssebayiga said the struggle for power and kingdoms to amass wealth on earth is nothing rather people must have only what is necessary for sustenance, help the needy, ensure justice and peace for the world to live harmoniously.

He said the political wave in some African countries and the rest of the world must teach people the true sense of leadership, self sacrifice, protection of the people and their property, good neighbourhood leading to development.

He reminded the Christians of the special days in the holy week, the holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday that leads to Easter that they call for more devotion to prayer, penance , arms giving and reflection on the word of God.

Sunday 14th April 2019 01:39:58 PM