By; Jjunju Francis

04th Oct. 2021

The Apostolic Administrator of Kampala Archdiocese Rt. Rev. Paul Ssemogerere has prayed with thanks giving for that Christians can now congregate and pray from their respective churches.

While Leading Mass for the Parish Day of Saint Francis of Assisi Matugga, Bishop Ssemogerere said people have suffered since Uganda experienced the second lockdown where among other restrictions was closure of places of worship that they are a precursor to the spread of Covid-19 according to the advice of the scientists assisting President Museveni to manage Covid-19.

Since June 18th 2021 churches have been closed until September 22, 2021when the president eased the lockdown but places of entertainment remained closed and schools are to resume in January 2022 except tertiary institutions that have been set to resume on November 1st once vaccinated.

Bishop Ssemogerere said a body which is not nourished is dead and with the effects of Covid-19, people needed to hear the word of God for spiritual nourishment. However the Church explored other avenues to reach out to its people through its media and social platforms.

He extended gratitude for the developments achieved in the last 11 years for Matugga Parish, with now 10 sub-parishes, a model hospital for the community called Wanda and schools to support the moral, spiritual and general wellbeing of the people.

He called for humility and hard work like Saint Francis of Assisi and called for brotherhood a demand that is highly needed in Uganda now due to the experienced gruesome murders, kidnaps, corruption and all sorts of abuse that deny people of their inherent right to life.

Bishop Ssemogerere also raised a concerned to the way the family is being attacked, children spoilt many lacking social needs that is either caused by greed and selfishness by the leaders. He warned that if the family is not protected communities and countries of substance will be no more.


Tuesday 5th October 2021 06:47:06 AM